Palacete com muito charme na primeira linha de mar.

Oeiras, UDF De Oeiras E São Julião Da Barra, Paço De Arcos E Caxias

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This distinguished 19th-century property, uniquely located on the seafront, was built by Tomás Maria Bessone and was completed in 1860 under the direction of renowned architect Cinatti de Siena, who gave it a strong Italian influence. Subsequently, it was the official residence of His Royal Highness, King D. Fernando II. In the gardens, there is a tower that gave rise to the name of the property. At this time, the property belongs to the heirs of D. Luís Freitas de Lancastre Basto and Baharem, descendants of His Royal Highness, King D. João I and D. Filipa de Lancastre, Queen of Portugal and daughter of John of Gaunt, 2nd Duke of Lancaster, son of Edward III, King of England. The Palace has a Neoclassical language, present in the sumptuousness of the ornamentation of the buildings, surrounded by a huge and consistent vegetation where several species stand out, for their size and antiquity, namely the Araucaria (Araucaria bidwilli), the Plátanos (Platanus sp. Orientalis) and especially the Dragon Trees (Dracaena draco), all of them hundreds of years old. The entire property, and particularly the main façade of the Palace, is directly south facing over the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean. description The property consists of a Palace, a Tower, perched on a hill, and a number of ancillary buildings, totaling about 40 divisions. The property includes several gardens, patios and terraces over the sea, several garages, stables, staff houses, an independent apartment, and a large car parking area. The property has a rectangular shape and a surface of about 6,000 m2, occupying the gross building area about 1,600 m2. At this time, the property is tax free. The property has its own water and is connected to the sea by an underground tunnel that currently serves as a water aqueduct and may eventually be used to remove water from the sea. A promenade is currently under construction, which will pass in front of the property in the near future, and the future construction of a marina for pleasure boats is also planned.


  • Ano de Construção 1860
  • Tipologia 10
  • Área Útil (m²) 1.600 m²
  • Área Bruta (m²) 2.000 m²
  • WC 8
  • Preço por m² 0€
  • Certificado Energético  
  • Estado Usado
  • Orientação Solar Nascente, Sul, Norte, Poente

Infra-estruturas e equipamentos

  • Jardim
  • Vista Mar
  • Vista Campo
  • Vista Cidade
  • Canil
  • Churrasqueira / Barbecue
  • Estábulo
  • Furo de água
  • Saneamento
  • Aquecimento Central Gasóleo
  • Lareira
  • Salamandra
  • Portão entrada automático

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